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WW: Catalina Express Terminal

Happy Waterfront Wednesday, y’all! Today we visit the Catalina Express Terminal at Berth 95 just beneath the Vincent Thomas Bridge. This new, updated terminal opened only three years ago this month. Most of my readers can easily remember the previous Catalina Terminal built in 1966. It was demolished to make way for the China Shipping […]


PHOTO ESSAY: Behind American Ninja Lines

San Pedro is no stranger to film shoots great or small, but early last month we got a visit from one of the hottest summer shows in recent history- American Ninja Warrior. What better place to hold the very first military-only qualifier than the biggest battle ship in military history, the USS Iowa. It took […]


My Waterfront: Bocce with Robert Castagnola

Earlier this week, I introduced you all to Robert Castagnola on the podcast. He is one of the founding members of the San Pedro Bocce Club and the Southwest Regional Director of the United States Bocce Federation. Because Robert loves playing bocce at the Cruise Ship Promenade courts, I asked him to give us a […]


WW: L.A. Cruise Ship Promenade

It’s Wednesday and time for another wonderful waterfront discovery! Today’s jaunt is down to the Los Angeles Cruise Ship Promenade. Completed in 2004, it’s actually the oldest part of the modern waterfront upgrades. It was also the first piece in the pretty much abandoned Bridge to Breakwater promenade idea championed by John Papadakis. I’m actually […]


PODCAST: Robert Castagnola

Robert Castagnola is a founding member of the San Pedro Bocce Ball Club and one of the newly crowned San Pedro Bocce Ball Champions. We sit down with Robert to talk about his love of a sport that seems to be on the brink of a revival.


WW: LADWP Distribution Station No. 3

Welcome back to another beautiful Wednesday along San Pedro’s waterfront. Today’s subject might be a little bit of a mystery to some of you. There’s a good chance you probably never noticed it. This pink building just south of the Vincent Thomas Bridge is an L.A. Department of Water & Power distribution station, Distribution Station […]