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Fourth of July

I hope, by now, that you’ve had a chance to read my story in the latest issue of San Pedro Today. If not, you can read the online version here. I hadn’t planned on writing another memorial so soon after the one I did for Anne Hansford, the historical society archivist…but life always has other plans.

My plan was to share the story of my ultra, super-duty, all-caps RARE behind the scenes look at the Cabrillo Beach fireworks show that I got last year. And I did share the story, but it was tinged with the sadness of the recent loss of THE Pedro Pyro, the boss, Julian Jimenez. The reason I didn’t share it last year was because social media really makes things move too fast these days. I had shared a picture on Instagram but if I didn’t go home and write a post the second I got home, it would be old news by the next day.

I remember going home last year and having a new found appreciation for the fireworks show I had seen so many times before. This year, there was still that appreciation, but it sucked knowing that Julian was gone and there were so many people feeling his loss especially right then. The show always starts at 9pm, but this year it was a little bit late. So it was oddly fitting that everyone within eyeshot of the Cabrillo fireworks was facing in that direction as Taps played from the speakers at Fort MacArthur. A fitting tribute for one of San Pedro’s most faithful sons.

Unfortunately, due to space constraints, San Pedro Today was unable to run that many of the photos I took out at the fireworks barge. Here they are, hopefully it will add more dimension to my story.

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