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Pardon Me While I Gush

It isn’t everyday that one of your best friends gets her very first byline printed in a daily paper. Today belongs to my girl, Megan Barnes. She recently joined the L.A. News Group (LANG) team, splitting her talents between the PV News and The Daily Breeze. I am so excited and extremely proud of her […]


Malaga Bank is SO Pedro

Last year I was SO tired of banking with Wells Fargo. For years I’ve been threatening to quit big banks and opt for a smaller, more local option like Malaga Bank. But after 8 years I had learned the ropes of being with a big bank- I knew how to work their system. I finally […]


THE SPIN: Ricky Jay Promotes New Documentary on Tonight Show

The 110 fwy isn’t the only road that leads to San Pedro. The Spin takes the latest headlines and pass them through a PEDRO filter, leaving a fun little nugget of a story. Master Magician, Ricky Jay, stopped by the Tonight Show to play some cards with Jimmy Fallon and promote his new documentary, Deceptive […]


Pedro At Work: On Set at The Goldbergs

We have another great new segment for you, Pedro at Work highlights the varied and interesting careers of the residents of San Pedro. Our work is what allows us to live in one of the best communities in Los Angeles, it’s where we make the money to bring back and spend at local shops and […]