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The Most Pedro Open Mic

San Pedro is a town of many talents. We have a great cast of local musicians, so it should be no surprise that we have a pretty robust open mic circuit. After weeks of casual invitations, I finally got to attend my first open mic night at the Redmen’s Lodge on Shepard Street out in […]


PODCAST: Mike Caccavalla

Music by the Sea is celebrating its 19th year of live concerts at Point Fermin Park in San Pedro. And if you’ve ever been to one of the shows, you are very familiar with its front man, Mike Caccavalla. Mike sits down with us for a very candid interview about how Music by the Sea […]


Talent Scouting

After having Taran Schindler as a guest on the podcast and learning about how she discovers artists to showcase at the Grand Annex, I jumped at the chance to accompany her on a talent scouting mission. We left the comfort of San Pedro and headed south to Santa Ana. We had tickets to see a […]


MUSIC: Jamie Lynn Spears Performs Aboard the USS Iowa

San Pedro got a lot more “country” Wednesday afternoon when Jamie Lynn Spears sang some songs from her upcoming album on the deck of the USS Iowa. The short acoustic set got some extra buzz from the media because it was the newlywed’s first public appearance after getting married to Jamie Watson a few weeks […]


Taiko in Pedro Can’t Be Beat

Friday night, I had the chance to go to a Taiko drum show at the Grand Annex. The first part of the show featured Team Taiko, a group mainly of students from the Wilmington Skills Center ESL program who have been learning multiculturalism through taiko drumming. I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend, and […]


FILM: Vintage No Doubt in San Pedro?

I stumbled across a very special video for this week’s Film Friday. According to the video notes, this 24 year old video could possibly be the first TV appearance of No Doubt and it just may have taken place here in San Pedro. The footage is from what looks like a cable access show called […]