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Silk Painting and More at Seaside Studios

When they’re not throwing craft fairs in the park or raising money for the hungry in San Pedro, Gayle Fleury and Regina Fernandez try to do as much of their art as possible. But if all of that weren’t enough, they open their studio to the community by offering all sorts of creative classes. A […]


Do You Want to Build a Puppet?

As a kid, I grew up watching Sesame Street and Jim Henson’s Muppets. Big Bird and Kermit were celebrities on par with other big names of the 80’s, like Don Johnson or Linda Evans. They were cuddly super stars who also felt as familiar as family. I never thought about them being puppets or even […]


BRINGELSON: 5 Reasons to Love Pearls

Marta Valladolid of Bringelson Jewelers is a huge fan of pearls. I didn’t think jewelers could play favorites but they do. She’s given us 5 reasons why we should become pearl lovers just like her. All precious stones are gifts from the earth, but only pearls are gifts from the sea. Something small, often a […]


Realizing My Voice Over Dreams

I never thought I would be a stage Mom, but I think my voice might be gifted- like, truly gifted. Sure, when I first started the podcast, almost two years ago, I could barely stand to hear myself speak. Did I really sound like that? Why didn’t anyone tell me I sounded like fancy goat […]


BRINGELSON: Get The Perfect Fit For All Fingers

Hands are our best tools and where we wear some of our dearest accessories and heirlooms. But sometimes, due to injuries or illness, it becomes harder to get that favorite ring on your finger- so they sit in jewelry boxes or drawers. We at Bringelson Jewelers believe that all jewelry should be treasured and above […]