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Pizza Adjacent: Newers Office Products

When you take public transportation, not only are you saving yourself some gas and parking drama, but you’re more likely to poke into a store when you’re walking by. I noticed this when I took the bus to Bonello’s. When I was done eating, I ended up walking to the library just because I knew […]


CRAFTED WEEK: That’s So Crafted!

When I recently took a trip to visit friends in Texas, I was looking for a hostess gift to take my friend Stephanie who used to live here in San Pedro. There wasn’t anything in a store, here, that she didn’t already have or could buy where she lives now. I needed something unique that […]


CRAFTED WEEK: Crafted Converts

Since it opened its doors two years ago, Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles has been drawing vendors and shoppers, alike, to San Pedro in search of a handmade heaven. Sometimes the trek “all the way down” to San Pedro discourages the seeker and sometimes the seeker answers the siren call of this magical […]


CRAFTED WEEK: Before They Were Crafted

I spent an entire weekend with Crafted staff and vendors, talking to them and learning about their experiences at the craft marketplace. It’s a very tight knit group of friendly people who love being together and collaborating with their fellow artisans. Whether they set out on their own because they had no where else to go […]


CRAFTED WEEK: Original Crafters

This weekend, Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles, the largest permanent craft marketplace in the South Bay, is celebrating it’s second anniversary. With all start up company’s, getting to your second birthday is a hard road with many obstacles. That’s why we’d like to kick-off Crafted Week by celebrating the handful of vendors who […]



Rok ‘n’ Ell Baby Years in Business: 8 1438 W. 8th St. San Pedro, CA 90732 (310) 832-4145 Business Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10:30a-5:30; Saturday 10:00a-4p  Owner: Carolina Brown Type of Business: Children’s Boutique, Gifts for home and women How did you get started in your business? We took over from our daughter and son-in-law. […]