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Six years ago today, I was sitting on the patio down at Acapulco celebrating my Mom’s 50th birthday. Turning 50 is enough of a reason to celebrate but for your 50th birthday to fall on your favorite weekly holiday, Margarita Monday, it was an EXTRA special occasion. Anyone who has been following me since my […]


Romee & Michelle

By now many of you have seen the positive message street art popping up around town. Some of you are even familiar with the artist, a homeless woman named Michelle. I ran into Michelle a few weeks back and (of course) took pictures to document our meeting. After our run in, my plan was to […]


PODCAST: Elise Swanson

Elise Swanson has worked in and around San Pedro for close to 15 years, in both the public and private sector. Who better to lead the the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce as it reinvents itself and reclaims its place in the leadership of San Pedro. We talk about her first year in office and […]


WW: Walking the Waterfront with Doane Liu

On Saturday, July 11th, Doane Liu, Deputy Director and Chief of Staff of the Port of Los Angeles led a very special waterfront walk for Los Angeles Walks, a non-profit that works to make L.A. safer for pedestrians. Even before I ever met Doane, I knew him as the guy who was always walking his […]


PODCAST: Kari Burgos

Ten years ago Kari Burgos filled in for her mentor and friend at Inner Harmony Yoga on 9th Street. Little did she know that she would have to take over the entire business in just two short months. Kari shares the story of how her life was forever changed when she inherited a yoga studio […]


Lunch & Leisure at Catalina Express

Now that we know a little history about the Catalina Terminal, we can talk about all the ways we can use this piece of the waterfront. The most obvious way people from all over use it is well, as a terminal where they can catch a boat to Catalina Island. When the old Princess Pavilion […]